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11 February 2022

The Reimagined Future of Work and Place | Public Policy Workshop | American Planning Association: Florida Chapter  Panelist 

Florida Legislative Session. 20th APA Florida Annual Public Policy Workshop. APA Florida hosted a virtual event

08 April 2021

Design Trends and Strategies from Design Forecast 2021 Real Estate Trends | Speaker

Speaker, spoke on a ULI event, where he presented design trends and strategies from Design Forecast across various sectors, and Sterling Bay shared 545wyn as a case study.

08 April 2021

Human Experience is the New Currency - Maximizing RE Value | Keynote

ULIUS - National Level. The year 2020 reminded us how valuable the places and spaces in which we work, live, and play are to our health and well-being  Opportunities were explored to increase the value of real estate using a more holistic approach to design focused on people's health, wellness, and experiences.

07 October 2020

The Future of Work & Office Buildings, Beyond the Pandemic | Keynote

The PREA Affinity Development group and Sterling Bay Co-presented to the PREA Affinity Development group. The future of work & office buildings, using 545 WYN building and the New Gensler Miami office as a case study.

30 July 2020

Wall Street Journal Interview | The Office Redesign Has Only Just Begun. 

25 January 2018

Future of Cities & Driverless Car | Keynote

Kellogg - Real Estate Club Kellogg School of Management. The wave of autonomous vehicles (AVs) is rising just as city living is more popular than ever—accounting for over 54 percent of the global population and predicted to grow for the next decade. Technology companies and automakers alike are competing to rule the road, testing their fleets in cities around the country. But this is just the beginning of an even larger discussion about the impact of AVs—and how they are going to completely redesign the city as we know it.

01 June 2015

Urbanization of Retail in Florida | Keynote & Panelist

ULI Florida Summit Urbanization of Retail in Florida

16 January 2015

ULI - Developments of the Future Miami's Urbanism

Four Seasons - Round table discussion with ULI to discuss forward thinking concepts that will enhance the future of Miami’s urbanism.

12 June 2014

Workplaces of the Future: Design and Attitude Trends | Speaker

ULI 2014 Florida Summit - Workplace of the Future

21 November 2013

Workplace Performance Survey 2013 Findings | Speaker

Workplace of the Future ULI - SE Florida Workplace of the Future |

01 May 2008

IFMA / Facility Management Best Practices | Speaker

IFMA / Facility Management Best Practices - Tampa Facility Management Best Practices

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